Spring 2015


 27th Feb 2015

Just a couple of primroses so far, and the late-winter sun glinting on the mossy carpet…

TQW Spring 2015 [1] 27-02-15

11th March 2015

Celandine and scarlet elf cup bring a little more colour, and the frogs have started…

TQW Spring 2015 [2] 11-03-15

18th March 2015

Some more yellows, daffodil and gorse, and some more fungi, artists’ bracket and jelly ear…

TQW Spring 2015 [3] 18-03-15

30th March 2015

The first bluebell! And a million more segmented buds emerging. The wild garlic is hiding some oval pods, and the spotted orchid is sending its spear skywards. Plus a sprinkling of catkins and a hint of hawthorn pink.

TQW Spring 2015 [4] 30-03-15

4th April 2015

It’s not just the flowers that are spring-springing. A carpet of baby stinging nettles, bright and verdant, almost fluffy. Goose grass – sticky weed (Galium aparine), ready and waiting to attach itself to upsuspecting passers-by. Brambles with tiny little thorns, still soft, almost translucent. And hazel buds, looking rose-like, before peeling open.

TQW Spring 2015 [5] 04-04-15

11th April 2015

Ferns are unfurling. The brackeny ones start out brown and tight like a plaited bun, the flat leafed ones are fluffy and pale. The spotted orchid is giving a glimpse of the glory to come, and there’s more purple nodding in the ground-coverage.

TQW Spring 2015 [6] 11-04-15

18th April 2015

The orchid is making its statement; the bluebells are in full force; the wild garlic is beginning to burst open; there’s pink with the Herb Robert and yellow with the celandine; the primroses are still going strong, and the willow is brimful of catkins and nascent foliage. And a little bird…

TQW Spring 2015 [7] 18-04-15

 3rd May 2015

The White Album:  Stitchwort, blackthorn, Town Hall Clock Plant, wild garlic in full throw, wild strawberry and (probably) hairy bitter cress.

TQW Spring 2015 [8] 02-05-15

 9th May 2015

A blue carpet of Bugle, the firm green beads of Dog’s Mercury, a cascade of Broom, ferns further unfurling and dandelions puffing.

TQW Spring 2015 [9] 09-05-15

 17th May 2015

Nodding in the breeze: tiny Speedwell, bushy Buttercup, gangly Campion, Common cow wheat, Ground ivy, Hawthorn (superseding the Blackthorn) and Oak.

TQW Spring 2015 [10] 17-05-15

24th May 2015

Dazzling Yellow Archangel, like surreal art or gaudy costume jewellery; peas and beans – Vetch (yes, it’s a pea) in the old lane and Bogbean in the pond; tiny flowers on the sticky weed, and the wild garlic beginning to go over.

TQW Spring 2015 [11] 24-05-15

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