We had our first Moth Spotting event in July 2015, thanks to the fortuitous relationship with expert lepidopterist Ralph Hobbs of Powdermill Trust for Nature Conservation, our partner in reserve management.

Since then, we have been doing another one or two each year, gradually building our accredited Species List. Sometimes the rain defeats us, sometimes it is wind, but we have so far identified and confirmed more than 152 species in our tiny little reserve.

All lists are confirmed and accepted by Sussex Moth Recorder, Colin Pratt.

Crowhurst Nature Reserve: Moth Species List

Moth Spotting 02/08/19

More moths than ever before!

Moth Spotting 26/04/19

A very quiet night for the first trap in 2019…

Moth Spotting 26/08/18

The sixth moth recording date…

Moth Spotting 15/04/18

Our fifth moth event…

Moth Spotting 29/10/17

The fourth moth event in Quarry Wood…

Moth Spotting 07/05/17

The early 2017 moth morning…

Moth Spotting 26/06/16

Another brill moth event!

Moth Spotting 13/09/15

A visit to Upper Wilting Farm with Ralph Hobbs…

Moth Spotting 19/07/15

Powdermill Trust moth expert, Ralph Hobbs, sets up his “trap” overnight (a barrel filled with egg boxes, a lightbulb and a funnel top), a lot of sleepy moths to be examined at close quarters in the morning…


Ralph Hobbs and the moth trap