Seasonal Colour & Friendly Foxes

Originally published June 2009

Hello everyone! A recent day dream of mine was to imagine myself in the head office of a local water company. The Big Chief was sitting at his desk staring intently out of the window. After several minutes he slowly withdrew his previously poised finger from his computer keyboard. He then returned to his latest book, reached for a pen and with consumate precision, continued to colour in the pictures….! As a result the email ordering his minions to instigate Stage 1 of Operation Hose Pipe Ban ’09 was not sent on its merry way. The more astute of you will grasp the meaning behind this momentary lapse of my reason… we have been enduring a pretty damp April and May this year!

Tales from Quarry Wood 2010
Apart from (hopefully!) staving off water shortages, the wet season has benefitted us in other ways. This year has seen a magnificent display of Primroses, Wood Anemones and Bluebells. The pervasive scent of garlic emanated from the thick rows of snow white Ramsons nestling at the foot of the hedgerows along the village lanes. CIMG1946This seasonal display of colour and scent was mirrored throughout our little reserve where the damp conditions have also produced displays of woodland fungi normally associated with Autumn.

I can’t think of anyone better to walk around Quarry Wood with than our own Crowhurst School Foxes; and that is exactly what I did on a rather overcast (but dry!) morning a few weeks ago. Led by the redoubtable Mrs Wastell we sallied forth with sketch pads, pencils and crayons to capture the patterns of nature for posterity. Mike Evenden bravely togged out in shorts and sandals was placed in the vanguard and did an admirable job of discovering where the nettles and brambles were!

As well as sketching Ferns, Bluebells, Ramsons and Early Purple Orchids, the children produced some fantastic leaf and bark rubbings. It may seem out of character for me to be short on words this month, but I feel the pictures of our young scholars enjoying nature in all its glory speak most eloquently for themselves!

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