TQW Feb 12 thumbnailThe Wrong Sort – Feb 2012

Litter and litter…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs Light as a Snowflake – March 2012

Aslan in Quarry Wood…

TQW Apr 12 thumbnailLucifer’s Bane – April 2012

Brambles and thorns…

TQW May 12 thumbnailCudgels and Clouts – May 2012

A month for blackthorn and hawthorn…

TQW Jun 12 thumbnailConsummate Eco-Engineers – June 2012

Worms: eater and eaten…

TQW Sep 12 thumbnailFood for Thought – Sept 2012

Cheese bugs…

TQW Oct 12 thumbnailA Success Story! – Oct 2012

The year of the buzzard…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFungal Fatalities and Festive Fare – Dec 2012

Ash Dieback and Saturnalia nuts…


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