The Autumn Cometh 2014

Originally published September 2014


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello everyone! After a gloriously extended Summer, portents indicate that Autumn is almost upon us. Swallows line up for pole (no pun intended) position on telegraph wires, drivers are steeling themselves in readiness for their vehicles to be assaulted from above as Chestnut trees release their spiky, armoured bombs and chaps are reluctantly covering up their legs.

Publication1As always at this time of year our thoughts turn, or rather return, to our stomachs and the harvesting of Ma Nature’s bounty. The Autumn Equinox saw us celebrating Harvest Festival/ Mabon and trug bearers are out in force as, for a few weeks, we emulate our prehistoric, hunter-gatherer ancestors.

As a tribute to the seasonal Cornucopia we are going to have our own foraging expedition in Quarry Wood.

The difference being that we won’t be gathering for the cooking pot but having a go at identifying some of the Fungi adorning the trees and woodland floor.

Last year’s Fungi trail led by our resident expert, Jill Ferguson, was so popular that we thought we would do something similar again this Autumn. Unfortunately Jill is not available this year so it is up to yours truly to take the reins. In order to give people a chance to escape from me droning on, I thought we would try a more interactive experience. With that tantalising snippet I will leave you to read the poster, check your wellies for leaks and dream about Honey Fungus, Polypores and Amethyst Deceivers!

See you on the 12th October!


AF - 5 posters


Fungi Trail update

The weather defeated us. We had to settle for sending out the Spotters’ Guide.


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