Moth spotting 19/07/15

Our moth spotting event on 19th July was a true revelation… who knew how many varieties of moth would be in our humble little wood?

Local lepidoperist Ralph Hobbs, of Powdermill Trust, arrived the evening before to set up a rather sci-fi contraption: a custom made moth catcher, a white dimpled drum with an egg box lining, a funnel top and a light bulb running off a tiny generator. By the sunny Sunday morning when we all arrived, a million moths were asleep on the cardboard craters.

As we delved and withdrew each carton, we were astounded at the diversity of colour and size, we were mesmerised by faces and hair that you just don’t get to see when they flutter by you in the dark. Ralph was able to name most of them at a glance, just occasionally refering to his illustrated moth books.

Over forty species were identified, and all released back to the wild for the next night’s flying.

So great, we’ll be doing it again for National Moth Day on 12th September; this time, thanks to Sarah Blackford, we will be heading for Upper Wilting Farm. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details or get in touch:

– Lorna

TQW - Sept 2015 - Moth gallery

TQW - Sept 2015 - Moth gallery

TQW - Sept 2015 - Moth gallery

Including: Large Emerald, Black Arches, Rosy Footman, Brimstone, Carcina quercana (micro), Full Frontal Drinker, Buff Arches, Barred Straw, Scalloped Oak, Common Footman, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Clouded Border, Coronet, July Highflyer, Nut-tree Tussock, Double Square-spot.

Photography: Lorna Neville

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