Moth Spotting 26/06/16

moth poster 2016 - Rev B - lansc - min info

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA happy group of lepidopterists gathered in Quarry Wood on Sunday 26th June to see what mothy delights were sleeping in the overnight drum.

Ralph Hobbs of Powdermill Trust was on hand for identification, with back up from another moth expert, David Burrows. Thirty-seven species were identified… some familiar faces from last year’s event, some new.

Moths 2016 pic sel

Including: Beautiful Golden Y, White Ermine, Bloodvein, Rosy Footman, Clouded Silver, Clouded Border, Buff Ermine, Light Emerald, Scorched Wing, Small White Wave, Green Oak Tortrix (micro), Barred Straw, Treble Brown-spot, July Highflyer, Riband Wave, Twin-spot Carpet, Mottled Beauty. And, for good measure, a Cockchafer, not a moth but a very cool beetle.

Click here for last year’s QW event on 19/07/15 and here for the follow-up at Upper Wilting Farm on  13/09/15 and compare all the different faces, shapes and colours.

Photography: Lorna Neville

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