Moth Spotting 29/10/17

Our first Autumn moth event in Quarry Wood, postponed from the middle of October when Storm Brian put us off.

The trap was set up on Saturday evening under clear, calm conditions. A pitter patter of early rain on Sunday morning soon cleared and we opened the barrel with sunlight drifting through the trees. The egg boxes were extracted for careful inspection to reveal the sleeping lepidoptera. Seven brand new moths were identified, to be added to the Reserve’s Species List, which already stands at 85 confirmed different types of moth over the previous three spotting events (spring and summer pulling in significantly more). We also had a dozy Bumble Bee, a Shield Beetle, and a good few Caddis Flies. All gently tapped off the cardboard crates and released back into the woodland.

As we packed away the equipment into Ralph’s car, he showed us a specimen he had collected from home – a beautiful Merveille du Jour, a glorious green, black and white moth, oak lover and stunning autumn highlight.

Then, can you believe it, while we were doing a final tidy up of the site, what did we find sleepily emerging from the twigs underneath where the trap had stood? Honestly, our own Merveille du Jour. What a joy, and this day’s haul now goes to eight, and the Reserve total is 93 (click here for the full list).

Next year, we’re thinking about April. Keep your eyes peeled for a date.

– Lorna

Photography: Lorna Neville

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