Hello Everyone! Having had the pleasure of being the Warden of Crowhurst’s little Reserve since 2000 I have seen it transformed. We took on an overgrown fly-tip with a large, dark puddle that appeared on a regular basis under the Stygian gloom of the thick, unmanaged canopy. Thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers and the guidance of the The Powdermill Trust for Nature Conservation we now have a lovely wild haven for the villagers to enjoy walking, communing with nature, and generally having fun. From an environmental viewpoint Quarry Wood is a marvellous little reserve with habitats ranging from a deciduous woodland and pond to a sandstone rock face. Birdsong fills the air, Badgers roam and we have some magnificent Ferns.

When I approached Lorna in 2008 and wondered if people might like to read a few words about Quarry Wood she suggested, bravely or rashly, that I forward a couple of pages to her and she would present it to the Village Worthies in charge of the Crowhurst News. Since then I have bombarded the villagers with an eclectic mixture of natural history, ancient history, folklore and even the odd bit of science; all my personal interests in fact!

I hope that people have enjoyed reading them over the years, I have certainly enjoyed compiling my ‘scribbles’ and my greatest thanks go to Lorna who continues to show the greatest patience with my time keeping, imagination with the images and lay-out, and encouragement throughout. In addition to all of that she has applied her technical wizardry to putting this website together and taking TQW a gloriously colourful step further. Watch this space!


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